UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

From the Director of UEII

Tatsuro Ishibashi
President, Kyushu University

Since its establishment in 1911, Kyushu University has consistently pursued education based on the philosophy put forward by our first president Kenjiro Yamakawa of cultivating educated individuals through depth in disciplinary focus and breadth in academic knowledge across the disciplines. This goal is ever more difficult to achieve due to the advancement and resulting segmentation of the disciplines. As global issues due to multiple factors grow increasingly serious, the need for new perspectives with interdisciplinary fusion is becoming ever more prominent. Under these circumstances, Kyushu University will continue to focus on its mission of cultivating educated individuals who will be leaders of the next generation.

The University Education Innovation Initiative is the think-tank and commanding-tower of Kyushu University’s education. Established in November 2017, its mission is to work with faculties and education-related university centers in analyzing educational challenges, proposing solutions, and coordinating efforts. As one of Japan’s core-research-key national universities, Kyushu University has continuously strived for educational excellence. The separation of educational units and faculties which allows flexible organization of educational programs and research teams (2000), the implementation of Arts and Science education based on the active-learning model (2011), and the establishment of the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation which is the university’s leading effort in interdisciplinary undergraduate education focusing on problem-solving (2018) are some of the notable recent accomplishments. Building on this foundation, the University Education Innovation Initiative has strived to support faculties in assuring that their educational programs are well designed, delivered effectively, and of high quality. By further strengthening partnerships with faculties and centers, it will take professional leadership in the planning, evaluation, and support of the university’s educational improvement efforts in order to deliver evidence-driven world-class education at Kyushu University.