UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

Operating Conference

As of November 24, 2020

  • ● Director  President  ISHIBASHI Tatsuro
  • ● Senior Director  Executive Vice President・Senior Vice President    TANIGUCHI Rin-ichiro
  • ● Senior Director  Vice President    FUKAHORI Satoko
  • ● Senior Vice President    KABURAGI Masahiko
  • ● Senior Vice President    TOUMA Chikako
  • ● Division Director of Planning and Assessment  Senior Vice President    FUKAHORI Satoko
  • ● Division Director of Learning Analytics  Faculty of Agriculture  Professor    NAKAO Miki
  • ● Division Director of Admissions  Admission Center  Associate Professor    TATEWAKI Yosuke
  • ● Division Director of Education Method and Material Development   Innovation Center for Educational Resource  Professor    OKADA Yoshihiro
  • ● Division Director of Career Support  Faculty of Arts and Science  Professor    FURUYA Kenji
  • ● Ito Campus East Zone Council  Faculty of Human-Environment Studies  Professor    KANNO Tatsuo
  • ● Ito Campus Center Zone Council  Faculty of Arts and Science  Professor    NOSE Takeru
  • ● Ito Campus West Zone Council  Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering  Professor    MORI Shuji
  • ● Hospital Campus Council  Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Professor    YAMADA Kenichi
  • ● Chikushi Campus Council  Faculty of Engineering Sciences  Professor    MIZUNO Seigi
  • ● Ohashi Campus Council  Faculty of Design  Professor    TSURUNO Reiji
  • ●(Executive) Director of International Affairs Department    MOTOMURA Hiroaki
  • ● (Executive) Director of Student Affairs Department    KAWAHARA Kouichi
  • ● Director of Administration of University Libraries  URYU Teruhisa
  • ● Executive Vice President・Secretary-General    NAITOU Toshiya
  • ● Vice President    TANIGUCHI Setsuo
  • ● Faculty of Humanities  Professor    SHIMIZU Kazuhiro

The University Education Innovation Initiative