UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

Division of Planning and Assessment

  • ● FUKAHORI Satoko    Vice President  ★Division Director
  • ● NOSE Takeru    Faculty of Arts and Science  Professor
  • ● MATSUI Yasuhiro    Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies  Professor
  • ● TAKIMOTO Taro    Faculty of Economics  Professor
  • ● NAKANO Haruyuki    Faculty of Science  Professor
  • ● MIYAZAKI Takahiko    Faculty of Engineering Sciences  Professor
  • ● TOMIURA Yoichi    Senior Director of University Libraries (Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering Professor)
  • ● KIMURA Takuya    Faculty of Human-Environment Studies  Associate Professor
  • ● FUJII Tomo    Office of Institutional Research  Associate Professor
  • ● NAGANUMA Shotaro    Education Innovation Initiative  Lecturer
  • ● JEONG HANMO    Education Innovation Initiative  Research Assistant Professor
  • ● LI LIHUA     Student Affairs Department  Student Affairs Planning Division  Specialist
  • ● KAWANO Kyouhei    Student Affairs Department  Head of Student Affairs Planning DivisionPlanning and Research Section
  • ● KIDO Yoichi    Student Affairs Department  Student Affairs Planning DivisionPlanning and Research Section  Senior Administrator
  • ● HOSHIKO Nami    Administrative Office (University Libraries) Academic Support Division  Head of Learning and Research Support Section
  • ● FUCHIGAMI Yuko    Education Innovation Initiative  Technical Support Staff