UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

Division of Learning Analytics

  • ● FUJIBUCHI Toshioh    Faculty of Medical Sciences  Professor
  • ● YAMADA Masanori    Faculty of Arts and Science  Associate Professor
  • ● OGA Toru    Faculty of Law  Associate Professor
  • ● KONOMI Shinichi    Faculty of Arts and Science  Professor  ★Division Director
  • ● INAGAKI Shio    Faculty of Science  Associate Professor
  • ● SHIMADA Atsushi    Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering  Professor
  • ● TSUCHIYA Tomoyuki    Faculty of Languages and Cultures  Assistant Professor
  • ● NAKAO Miki    Faculty of Agriculture  Professor
  • ● UEYAMA Ayumi    Faculty of Humanities  Professor
  • ● USHIAMA Taketoshi    Faculty of Design  Professor
  • ● NAKASUGA Rie    Student Affairs Department  Assistant Director of Division for Education Support・School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Division
  • ● ISHIMARU Michiyo    Student Affairs Department  Student Affairs Planning Division  Head of Academic Affairs・Student Affairs Information Section
  • ● MICHIWAKI Takeshi    Student Affairs Department  Division for Education Support・School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation  Head of Academic Affairs Section Section
  • ● HASHIKURA Satoshi    Information System Department  Specialist
  • ● KAMEDA Ippei    Student Affairs Department  Student Affairs Planning Division  Academic Affairs・Student Affairs Information Section  Senior Administrator
  • ● SUGAO Takahiko    Information System Department  Senior Administrator