UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

Division of Education Method and Material Development

  • ● MIKI Yoichiro    Faculty of Arts and Science  Professor
  • ● TSUKIYAMA Yoshihiro    Faculty of Dental Science  Professor
  • ● IKEDA Daisuke    Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering  Associate Professor
  • ● OI Misato    University Libraries  Associate Professor
  • ● ASO Tsukasa    Faculty of Design  Assistant Professor
  • ● HAGA Akira    University Libraries  Assistant Professor
  • ● OKADA Yoshihiro    University Libraries  Professor  ★Division Director
  • ● SAKAUE Yasutoshi    Faculty of Humanities  Professor
  • ● KIM DAEWOONG    Faculty of Design  Professor
  • ● MATSUGUMA Hiroyuki    Faculty of Design  Professor
  • ● KIKUKAWA Makoto    Faculty of Medical Sciences  Lecturer
  • ● SHI WEI    University Libraries  Assistant Professor
  • ● SAINO Yoshimichi    Administrative Office (University Libraries)  Assistant Director of Library Planning Division