UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

Division of Career Support

  • ● FURUYA Kenji    Faculty of Arts and Science  Professor  ★Division Director
  • ● TANAKA Mari    Faculty of Arts and Science  Professor
  • ● TANAKA Takao    Faculty of Law  Professor
  • ● OZAKI Yukiko    Faculty of Engineering  Professor
  • ● KUBA Takahiro    Faculty of Engineering  Professor
  • ● KAWASAKI Hidefumi    Faculty of Mathematics  Professor
  • ● YAMADA Ken-ichi    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Professor
  • ● HATA Satoshi    Faculty of Engineering Sciences  Professor
  • ● KOMINATO Takuo    Faculty of Arts and Science  Associate Professor
  • ● MORI Seiji    Student Affairs Department  Assistant Director of Career and Scholarship Support Division Division
  • ● OBATA Yuriko    International Affairs Department  Assistant Director of International Student Exchange Division
  • ● IMASHIRO Naoya    Student Affairs Department  Career and Scholarship Support Division  Head of Job and Career Support Section Section
  • ● KAWANO Kyouhei    Student Affairs Department  Head of Student Affairs Planning Division Planning and Research Section (Concurrent Post)