UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

Our Departments

Planning and Assessment Department

● Planning for education innovation, such as educational quality assurance, education curriculum analysis and reform proposals; coordinating UEII operations

● This department identifies the challenges experienced by each Bureau and Department and coordinates with the schools and graduate schools under an awareness shared by the entire university, while planning and working to contribute to education innovation and assessing and analyzing educational outcomes.

Learning Analytics Department

● Using learning systems that employ learning management systems (LMS), e-portfolios, and electronic teaching materials to collect and analyze educational Big Data of more than 2,500 people each year; supporting efforts to improve education in collaboration with other departments through data analysis to link data held by each department

● This department conducts activities to encourage the analysis, visualization, and use of educational Big Data. We develop the research outcomes of the Learning Analytics Center in parallel and promote efforts to improve education in collaboration with other departments.

Admissions Department

● Developing new admission examination methods and expanding them throughout Kyushu University; planning projects to connect senior high schools and universities

● This department strengthens links with senior high schools while promoting admission examination reform throughout Kyushu University and contributing to improve the quality of entering students.

Teaching Method and Teaching Material Development Department

● Developing and using electronic teaching materials, etc.; assistance for developing teaching methods

● This department promotes cooperative learning such as active learning and student-led learning.

Career Support Department

● Career education, support for finding employment, verifying educational outcomes based on graduate surveys

● This department promotes support operations to aid career development for students, including lesson development and information provision.