UEII - Kyushu University Education Innovation Initiative

The University Education Innovation Initiative

To systematically promote education innovation throughout Kyushu University, such as improving curricula and teaching methods, connecting senior high schools and universities, and reforming admission examinations, we reorganized the multiple education support centers within the university to establish the University Education Innovation Initiative (UEII) as a pedagogical management organization that works to improve the quality of education. Moreover, we established the plan–do–check–act (PDCA) cycle in education innovation.

Under the leadership of the Director, the UEII formulates and proposes policies and plans for education innovation throughout the university. Specifically, we work on evidence-based education innovations driven by the four departments necessary for moving forward with education innovation—Planning and Assessment, Teaching Method and Teaching Material Development, Admissions, and Career Support—with the addition of Learning Analytics, which analyzes, visualizes, and utilizes educational big data.

In addition, we have placed the education innovations that we should focus our efforts on throughout the university, across every bureaus and departments, as "Projects to Promote Education Innovation" and will promote the strategic improvement of quality in education.

Organizational chart